Pre and Post Pancha Karma Suggestions

Pre Pancha Karma Suggestions

  • Before starting a Pancha Karma try to eliminate unhealthy habits and foods from the diet.
  • At least one week before you arrive:
  • Try to wean off of caffeine and alcohol.
  • Avoid foods that are packaged (with additives & preservatives), as well as leftovers, canned, frozen, and fried foods.
  • Reduce intake of refined sugars, yeasted breads, and heavy cheeses.
  • Try for a vegetarian diet (avoid red meat & pork especially) occasional fish and poultry is allowed if needed.

During Pancha Karma

  • You will need as much rest as possible. This is a time where we set aside to heal and self reflect.
  • Try to avoid stressful activities of daily life. It is recommended that you take off from work. Try to let coworkers know that you are on retreat and would like to avoid cell phone and email interruptions as much as possible. During Pancha karma is a good time to try and take a “media fast”, where we disengage form computers, TV, phones, etc. as best we can. We are also attempting to clear the electro-magnetic bombardment that we are constantly exposed to in the modern world.
  • Do not plan too many extra activities during the pancha karma. If you want to sight-see and do more rigorous, adventurous tourist activities in Sedona, plan to come a few days earlier so that you can enjoy those before we begin.
  • While taking treatment it is advised to conserve energy. Gentle Yoga/ Nature Walks are ideal.
  • Most people find that after their daily 3 hour Ayurvedic session at the spa, they like to go to their hotel/ home and rest. They often like to lie down and read, write in their journal, meditate, or enjoy artistic and creative hobby projects.
  • If possible, plan to stay in Sedona one extra night after the PK is complete, so you do not have to travel immediately after cleansing. This allows the body a day to acclimate before flying, driving long distances, or returning to a hectic work schedule. This will greatly enhance the benefits of your PK.

Post Pancha Karma

  • On the last day of your PK program we will go over the home care procedures.
  • You will be given a list of foods to eat/avoid based on your body type.
  • You will go home with Rasayana herbal tonic recommendations to rejuvenate and build healthy strong tissue.
  • It is advised to follow the lifestyle recommendations and routine as closely as possible to achieve the full benefits of your pancha karma a program.
  • Email and phone support is available following PK.

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