Indian Ayurvedic Cooking Classes

Come enjoy a hands on Cooking Class, tailored to your tastes.

Examples of what you could learn:

  • Learn to eat for your body type,
  • Discovering the “6 tastes”
  • How to make ghee
  • How to cook with Indian Spices
  • How to prepare Kitchari – special Ayurvedic cleansing diet
  • Indian vegetable curries and rice dishes
  • Chutney and Yogurt Raita
  • Authentic Chai Tea and Mango Lassi
  • Healthy Appetizers and Deserts


Group – Requires a minimum of 4 participants $144/person

Couple $350


Detox Option:  Simple Detox Kitchadi Preparation $150/person

Feel the ingredients. Smell the spices. Learn by hands-on-approach.
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Client Testimonial:
“The whole class was like a festival of color, aroma, taste and touch. We were given ample opportunity to see and sniff the herbs and spices used in Ayurvedic cooking. They had all been measured out ahead of time and displayed in beautiful dishes. Not only that, the first three pages of the class hand-out listed each spice or herb used and told of its healing effects. We were given ample opportunities to slice and stir, taste and smell many of the kitchen events in progress.

This three-and-a-half hour cooking class actually began the night before with the three cooking ladies, Avani, Meera, and Michele staying up until after midnight to prepare. This laid the foundation of positive energy and made the many dishes prepared in class go much faster and easier.

There were a total of seven dishes prepared in class plus Spiced Chai. We were also given recipes for three mixtures of spices: Garam Masala, Dhana Jeeru and Curry Powder. It was hard to believe, at first glance, the expansive list of recipes for the class.

We each received a large, generous cup of Spiced Chai to sip as we watched the recipes being prepared. With three cooks going at it, there was never a dull moment; we didn’t sit still in one place for long. We were at the stove watching spices, grains and vegetables go into the pans or at the sink watching the steaming curds being strained from the yellow watery whey. It was like a dance with Avani as impresario, calling our attention to each move as she and the other two chefs smiled and stirred, prepped and popped ingredients in and out of pans and bowls.

After the food was ready, we stepped outside for a breath of fresh air and a champagne toast to health. For the grand finale, we all stood in a circle, smiling, with folded hands and someone sang a blessing. Then we ate and talked as people do when they are happy and contented.

When the people, beautiful environment and love-labor of cooking were synthesized, this was much more than a cooking class. There was healing and good-will and a bit of magic all stirred in. The event was a “high” that has been easy to associate with cooking ever since then.”

C. Diamond, Sedona, AZ