Cleansing Diet

During Traditional Pancha Karma cleansing, a specific cleansing Ayurvedic light diet is recommended to help balance the digestive system.

All food should be fresh, organic and vegetarian.

Enjoy specially prepared Traditional PK Kichadi Lunch: vegetables, grains, mung lentils and herbal tea.

**If you have any food restrictions or concerns, please let us know.

Daily Meals


  • You will prepare at home/hotel
  • Spiced Stewed Fruits & Herbal Detox Tea


 *Lunch Option

For your ease and enjoyment, Kichadi will be prepared for you on the first day of your pancha karma.

  • Kitchari (Mung dal lentils, and basmati rice with digestive culinary herbs)
  • Vegetables cooked in digestive herbs
  • Kefir natural yogurt with 10 essential pro-biotic live active cultures
  • Herbal Detox Tea

After first day of PK, lunch options available to you:

Lunch at Spa option is available to you for the rest of  your 2-5 day PanchaKarma program.  ($50/day)

Ayurvedic Cooking Lesson – Hands on instruction on how to prepare simple Kichadi vegetarian meal using digestive spices can be arranged. Lunch Included  ($150)  

Eat at Home/Hotel – If you are staying at home or if your hotel has kitchen facilities – than you can prepare and cook Kichadi Lunch on your own.  I will offer guidance, and simple recipes. Crockpot and all ingredients can be supplied if requested

Healthy Local Restaurants – I will offer guidance and how/what to choose from menu.



  • You will prepare at home/hotel
  • Healthy local restaurant options
  • Choose light vegetarian, easy to digest meals such as: soups, stews, quinoa, rice, vegetables




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