Pedi Karma Royal Foot Treatment

Pedi Karma – The Royal Foot Treatment with Ayurvedic Reflexology

  • A warm ghee massage relieves leg & foot tension
  • Stimulates vital foot marma points that correspond to all organ systems
  • Opens flow of Prana in lower limbs
  • Promotes sound sleep
  • Cools the mind – calms high-Pitta (Type A) personalities
  • Grounds us on back on Earth – calms Vata flightiness
  • Great relief for Restless Leg Syndrome!
  • Brings circulaltion to cold or tingly feet.
  • Foot reflexology with unique “Kansa Vataki” massage bowl.
  • Made in India, combining three therapeutic metals
  • Copper – relieves pain, inflammation, arthritis
  • Zinc – boosts immune system, digestion, good for Diabetes
  • Tin – relieves headaches and insomnia

Duration: 40 mins
Cost: $ 144

Add-on Packages:
+ add mini Shiro Dhara $95

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