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Thank you Avani!  Doing Pancha Karma with you was a significant experience in my life.  Not only did the work cleanse my digestive system and balance my emotional body, but it also gave me daily practices to maintain the balance achieved.  Your professional and caring approach touched me on all levels and I am truly grateful for your natural ability to communicate the Ayurvedic principals in ways that brought clarity and understanding of the imbalances I had existed in.  You are truly in tune with your life’s purpose and a gift to all that come into your space.

I will be back in April – I will definitely call you then.  Enjoy your winter.

Angela, Canada


Avani, I just wanted to let you know  I saw my daughter Christine last week… she looked beautiful, confident and more energetic…..her skin is radiant.  Evidently she cooks, cleans and has thrown out a lot of old stuff.  You changed her life and I wanted to let you know I am very grateful to you for your kindness, information and services.  Thank you so much.  I hope our paths will cross again some day.

A grateful client,
Carollyne, Canada



Thank you for all the healing comfort you give to our weary bodies.

Kalli, NY



Thank you so much for the amazing session last saturday. I look forward to keeping in touch with you and to hearing all the awsome things you are doing. You are beautiful on all levels. Take care!

Namaste, Lynn, AZ



Extra thank yous for the xtra supreme healing touch of today. the colors, sounds, smells, touch all lead to a perfect set up for my body to kick in with new life. Blessings until again.

Love, Laurel, AZ



Thanks again so much for making arrangements with me to receive treatment from you. I was extremely satisfied with my experience, and felt that it deeply enhanced and complemented my experience in Sedona. I wish you continued success with your practice and great blessings in the rest of your life.
Thank you for doing what you do, and being who you are.
Take care,
-Kyle, NV



Just want to thank you again & let you know how much I enjoyed my treatment yesterday.   I was a little out of it when I left, and I think I must have floated home. My skin DID look beautiful when I finally got a closer look.  It was tight and smooth & glowing.  I usually get allot of compliments on how good my skin looks at 63 years old, but it was even better after my facial from you.  Now the Shiro Dhara… that was AMAZING !  Can’t say I’ve ever experienced anything like it. When I meditated yesterday afternoon, I was taken to a place I’ve never been before and can’t even explain it, but know the shiro dhara must have had something to do with it. Thank you for the relaxing nurturing experience.  You have a truly gentle but knowing touch and I feel you are guided from a higher place when you do your healing work. I did feel healed and slept “like a baby” last night. I will recommend you to anyone and everyone who asks how I got so “mellow”. Much appreciation to you. L.M. , AZ



I have felt great after the cleanse and the other work with you. I just went to the Indian market and bought some moong dal and rice, so I can have it a couple times a week. I also have been using the ghee. So thanks very much.

Namaste, Paula, TN



Thanks for the treatment yesterday, as well as your support and care!  I got the best night sleep in several months last night. Now I just need more nights like that! :)

Laura, AZ



I have to send you a token of thanks to cure me, i wish there would be a better dictionary to find better words beyonds thanks, I really appreciate the proffesional advise you give me to relieve my INTERSTATIAL CYSTITIS.  You really gave me strength and confidance in ayruvedic medicine with diet precautions, i followed your instructions honestly and i am cures completely cured from IC, top of that i lost 14# within 3 months, my cholesrerol levels came down from 289 to 180, other blood work results are within normal levels, Avani you surprised my primary physician, he called me home to tell me my all blood work results are beautiful, i told him its all due to ayruvedic medicines, to make story short my heartly thanks goes to you to change my life. Your advice changed my living style, i started living happily and  healthy. Thanksalot for your eversmiling help.God bless you with his choicest blessings.

With warm regards from, 
Ashu, NY