The Ayurvedic Hot Bath

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Give Yourself a gift this holiday season. Draw the ultimate, luxury, most pampering bath and treat yourself.

Every December we get caught up in a crazy holiday schedule. Our calendars get packed with office parties, dinner with good friends, and traveling many miles to visit family. Not to mention shopping for gifts, stringing lights, decorating, and cooking fabulous meals. Though we love all the festivities, the hectic routine takes a toll on our physical and mental health. With the extra busy schedule, we don’t always get a chance to relax after work and rest on the on the weekends.

As winter sets in, we can feel the cold temperatures right down to our bones. This is also the beginning of the cold and flu season. In this weather, lots of activity coupled with rich foods and alcohol can lead to a feeling of exhaustion.

This is why we must take some time to nurture ourselves this month. Ayurveda recommends warmth and moisture to pacify an aggravated Vata. We all could benefit from some self care, especially during the holiday rush. A comforting hot bath feels so wonderful to the body after being outdoors and whipped about by the wind.

Hydrotherapy has been used for centuries to clean out the body of toxins. The ama (toxins) builds up from the rich party food and Christmas cookies. This is followed by lowered immunity, due to the clogged strotas, channels of the body. Taking a detoxifying bath cleans us out and we feel lighter. We raise internal agni, sweat out impurities, clear sinuses and mucus congestion. This purification makes us less susceptible to flu germs.

Mentally and psychologically the warmth cocoons us, and we fell less stressed and anxious. Vata can create excessive thinking and worry. This is important at a time of emotional family reunions and excessive spending. A bath is the perfect escape where you can think more clearly, or better yet, quiet the mind completely. Warm water acts as a sedative to the nervous system. By adding aromatherapy, the calming vapors penetrate the skin, and balance brain activity.

Ideas for an Indulgent Ayurvedic Bath

Fill bathtub with comfortably warm to hot water. Pittas should use cooler temperatures. *Those with heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, inflammations, and other medical conditions should consult their doctor before taking a hot bath.

Start with a warm oil Abhyangha self massage preceding the bath, for increased circulation and peripheral blood flow.

By creating a sattvic, serene environment, the nervous system is soothed through all 5 senses. Place a soft candle flame to gaze upon, and play calming music. Sip upon water with lime to stay hydrated. Prepare cotton eye pads soaked in cool rosewater. Choose your very favorite, decadent, essential oil to grace your special bath.

½ cup baking soda and ½ cup of ginger powder to detoxify

2 cups Epsom salt – magnesium sulfate soothes sore muscles, stiff joints and increases alkalinity

1 cup fresh garden herbs in a mesh bag (ex: rosemary or lavender)


Try a Cleopatra style pampering bath with rose petals, milk and honey

7-10 drops of your favorite aromatherapy oil (should be mixed into salts or milk)

Soak for 15 – 25 minutes and let your stress dissolve. When you are finished, watch your fatigue go down the drain. Put on your fluffiest robe and slippers, and curl up in bed.

Happy Holidays to you!

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