Staying Cool This Summer

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Summer heat can really aggravate fiery Pitta dosha. Before you reach for that next ice cream cone to keep you cool, try following these simple Ayurvedic tips:

Fluids –Keep your body extra hydrated with ROOM TEMPERATURE drinks such as water infused with cucumber or fennel, coconut water, homemade spearmint / peppermint sun tea, aloe vera gel, and fresh fruit juices. For added effect – drink these from a silver cup. Remember to avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks like cola and coffee which further dehydrate.

Neem – Neem oil applied on the skin has natural sun protection qualities. Make a soothing paste with neem powder, aloe vera gel, and cilantro pulp to apply over common summer skin rashes, boils, acne, poison ivy, and itchy, swollen bug bites. Neem soaps, shampoos, and toothpastes are also available for summer cleansing.

Rosewater – For instant mid-day refreshment try a quick spritz of rosewater on the face. For red irritated eyes, place cotton balls dipped in rosewater over eyelids and rest for 10 minutes.

Oils – Sun exposure, pools and seawater really dehydrate the skin. Keep skin moisturized with a daily Coconut oil massage. Keep internally moisturized by cooking with pitta reducing Ghee. A little melted ghee in the dry nasal passages can also help prevent summertime Nose Bleeds.

Moonlight – Take an evening stroll in the moonlight. A great summertime exercise is to do a series of yoga Moon Salutations that bring in cooling lunar energy.

Aromatherapy – Soak at the end of the day in a warm bath with few drops of Jasmine essential oils. Finish your evening ritual by rubbing a drop of Sandalwood essential oil on the third-eye chakra and temples. Do this before bedtime meditation or prayers to stay mentally cool.

Color Therapy – Wearing whites, blues and greens will send out pitta pacifying vibrations.

Lassi – Prepare this traditional Indian drink by mixing 1 part fresh plain yogurt and 3 parts water in a blender. Garnish with roasted cumin seeds and cilantro leaves. Perfect for an afternoon pick me up.

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