Spring Cleaning

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After a long winter we finally see the snow melt and the cold hard earth begin to thaw out.

Ayurveda understands that in Spring, our bodies similarly experience a thawing out, allowing fluids to secrete and flow freely, making it a perfect time to flush out toxins. In order to stay healthy and ward off illness, Ayurveda recommends a seasonal cleanse called Pancha Karma.

Pancha Karma (PK) cleansing is unique in that it is extremely gentle and nurturing. It is ideal for anyone who feels achy, low energy, allergy prone, overweight, mentally or emotionally stuck. The five main PK procedures clean out the body of deep seated toxins or Ama. Ama is accumulated from undigested foods, chemicals and environmental impurities.

Panchakarma consists of daily Abhyangha massages using herbalized oils to loosen the toxins from the tissues. These massages are followed by a steam bath that opens up the pores. Special treatments like Shiro Dhara (oil poured on the forehead) and Nasya (medicinal oils in the nasal and sinus passages) are done to clear out mental and emotional stress.

Pancha Karma’s aim is to rekindle the digestive fire, and burn off impurities. Therefore diet during this time is limited to a very simple soupy Kitchari (split yellow Mung beans, basmati rice, and digestive spices). Sipping on hot water and herbal teas throughout the cleanse clears out the lymphatic channels.

A little melted Ghee is drunk every morning for internal lubrication. A series of herbal and oil enemas help to clear out and nourish the colon. Special Ayurvedic herbs are taken to clean out the blood, liver, and balance all the organ systems.

Following the PK, regular foods and activities are gradually reintroduced in the daily routine. Certain Rasayanas, or rejuvenative herbal tonics given help support the immune system and rebuild healthier tissue.

Pancha Karma is traditionally done in an Ayurvedic clinic setting for at least 7 days with trained practitioners. However at the very least, one can do a simple 3 day home cleansing program.

Just as we take a few days this Spring season to clean out the dust around our homes, and the accumulated clutter in our closets and drawers, we should also make a little effort to clean out our bodies. We can than make room for new, healthier habits and attitudes.

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