Managing Spring Allergies

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Warm spring weather is upon us!! We are spending more time in nature, hiking, gardening, and simply enjoying the sweet sights and smells of spring.

This is also the time of year when plants and trees shed their pollens in the environment, signaling a season of distress for allergy sufferers. For those who have delicate respiratory passages, spring can also mean symptoms such as sinus congestion, hay fever and even asthmatic attacks. Not to fear this year, try these Ayurvedic suggestions, and breathe a sigh of relief.

One of the first things that Ayurveda recommends is starting out the spring with ‘Pancha Karma’ detoxification. It is believed that just as the cold earth begins to thaw out in the springtime; our bodies also are primed and ready to release toxins during this season. Accumulated toxins or ‘Ama’ clog body channels, and cause our mucus membranes to become hyper-sensitive to allergens and environmental triggers. Pancha karma is a specific week long ayurvedic cleanse that helps to clean toxic ama from the deep tissues of the body.

Jala Neti – a daily, gentle nasal wash, which keeps nostril clear of mucus. The clear nostrils are then able to filter out pollens and pollutants that aggravate allergies. Dr. David Frawley even suggests filling the neti pot with a mild TULSI herbal infusion that is steeped and strained.

Nasya Oils – using a few drops of sesame oil or ghee in the sinus passages keeps the nostrils well lubricated. This oleation protects the entire nasal cavity from irritants. Ayurvedic practitioners sell specialized Nasya Oil formulated for this purpose.

Steam Inhalation – breathing essential oils in a diffuser or humidifier will sooth irritated respiratory channels in the sinus and lungs. Try high quality oils of pine, eucalyptus, silver fir, tusli, camphor, mint, or wintergreen.

Those pesky pollens can also irritate our sensitive eyes. A specialized ayurvedic treatment called ‘Netra Basti’ bathes the eye socket in warm ghee, gently cleaning and lubricating the eye. This gives instant relief to all those tired of rubbing those teary, puffy eyes, all season long.

Ask your ayurvedic practitioner for formulas that contain Amalaki, Neem, and Turmeric, which will boost the immune system, purify the liver, and reduce inflammation, common in most allergic reactions.
Fresh Cilantro (coriander) juice and Aloe Vera gel drank throughout the day can cool hay fever symptoms.

Eat more bitter greens that grow naturally in the springtime. Nature is designed so perfectly, that it automatically produces allergy soothing gifts such as dandelion greens, kale, and Swiss chard that should be eaten in season.

Take a spoonful of your local wildflower honey with freshly grated ginger 3x/day. By taking in some of the local wildflowers that grow only in the spring, it will help to immunize against some of the strong local pollens that affect us so strongly.

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