Everything in nature operates in rhythms and cycles. Through keen observation and divine meditation, Rishis, our Vedic ancestors, saw that this cyclical universal law governs all aspects of life.

There is the daily 24 hour clock cycle that controls the circadian rhythm in each of our bodies.

The monthly moon cycle that affects the ebb and flow of earth’s waters and influences women’s menstrual cycle.

The seasonal cycles we acknowledge on the winter/summer solstices and fall/spring equinoxes.

The 365 day annual cycle of the sun passing through each house of the zodiac. We celebrate this collectively on New Years day January 1st, and individually on our own birthdays.

There are the 7 year cycles in which our body chemistry totally transforms. Every 7 years there is a natural release of energy that encourages us to move forward and make changes.

There is a generational cycle that strongly bonds children in their kapha age with grandparents experiencing their vata age.

The cycle of life begins with birth, then growth, aging, and ends with death. Through reincarnation, we begin that cycle all over again.

Even the economic pundits on TV try to explain to us the contraction and expansion of the “cyclical economy” and stock market.

According to Hindu cosmology, the flow of time is cyclical, not linear. Lord Brahma’s day (4.32billion years) is a time when the universe is created and manifested. Lord Brahma’s night, which is equally long, is a period of complete dissolution. When he sleeps at night for 4.32 billion years, all things are dissolved, and nothing exists but Lord Brahma himself. This cycle begins again the next morning when he awakes, and the universe is created and expands once more.

As we enter into this brand new cycle of 2009, what advice would these wise, ancient vedic Rishis give?
The advice would be to stay as close to the rhythms of Mother Nature as possible. We are intimately intertwined with nature, and when we follow her daily (dinacharya) and seasonal (ritucharya) rhythms, we will enjoy a life of balance. That means following an Ayurvedic regimen of waking, cleansing, praying, exercising, meditating, eating, working, resting, and sleeping at the appropriate times of day. That means eating the correct foods, dressing, massaging, and conducting a lifestyle that is appropriate for our individual dosha and the current season. These routines all lead to good health and a sound mind

When we are balanced and in harmony with nature, we can flow smoothly through her cycles. When we get off track and forget our good habits, over time we find it difficult to function physically, mentally, and emotionally. We are in a sense battling the natural laws of the universe and can’t cope with the changes that life brings.

We pray that this New Year brings about a great cycle, full of peace and prosperity!

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