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Indian Sandalwood is one of the most sacred herbs of Ayurveda. Known scientifically as Santanlum album and in Sanskrit as Chandana. Sandalwood powder and essential oil are renowned for their many medicinal and spiritual uses.

Sandalwood comes from an evergreen tree that is grown in southern India. The precious oil collects in the heartwood (center of the trunk) and is best harvested after the tree is at least 60 years old. The wood is ground into powder and then steam-distilled into oil for use in soaps, cosmetics, candles, medicines, perfumes, and incense. The harder outer wood is used to make beads and carved statues of deities.

Cooling Sandalwood powder is mixed with water into paste, and applied medicinally to relieve Pitta heat conditions: sunburn, acne, rashes, fevers, herpes, and even infectious sores and ulcers.

Fragrant Sandalwood oil soap has natural antimicrobial and hydrating properties, making it an ideal cleanser for gentle, sensitive, and aging skin.

Calming Sandalwood is a wonderful meditation tool. Its sedative property clears stress from the nervous system. Essential oil applied on the third eye awakens intelligence and lifts depression. Burning incense and using a sandalwood mala for japa helps to quiet the mind.

Sacred Sandalwood has many spiritual significations as well. Sandalwood paste is used in Hindu religious rituals and ceremonies to purify the space. That paste is also applied on the forehead to bring the devotee closer to the divine.

The Indian sandalwood tree has become endangered in recent years. All Sandalwood trees in India are under government control and they have tried to prohibit the uprooting of these trees, whether on public, private, or temple lands. Exportation of sandalwood is strictly limited. However his has not stopped many poachers from smuggling sandalwood, raising the prices of this valuable commodity sky high. The older the tree, the more fragrant and valuable its wood.

Due to its numerous healing properties, pure sandalwood oil and powder are as precious as gold.

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