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For centuries Ayurveda has used honey as medicine. This sweet nectar is a key ingredient in Amrita, the immortal ambrosia of the gods. It is written in ancient Ayurvedic texts that enjoying a spoonful of honey a day will give a long healthy life. A natural immune booster, honey is full of vitamins, essential minerals, iron, amino acids and has many antibiotic and antiseptic properties.

Honey is considered an “anupana”, a vehicle or carrier for other herbs, to increase their efficacy. By mixing herbs into honey, it enhances their medicinal qualities, and helps to reach deeper tissues.

The best honey is raw, unprocessed and not heat treated. Therefore do not cook or bake with honey, as it can give the honey toxic qualities.

Home Remedies with Honey:

• Cough, Cold & Congestion – honey, fresh ginger, turmeric, black pepper. 1 tsp consumed frequently. This is especially great for children who love the sweet taste of honey.

• Weight loss – honey mixed in hot water and fresh lemon/lime juice. Drink early in the morning

• Cholesterol – cinnamon and honey – 2 tsp in hot water.

• Blood Pressure – garlic juice and honey – 1 tsp in morning and evening

• Asthma – equal mixture of honey, ginger, and black pepper – 1 tsp 3 times a day.

• Improve Eye Sight – 2 tsp honey mixed with 1 cup carrot juice – drink daily

• Anemia – Drink honey mixed with beet juice. Honey is great for building hemoglobin due to its quantities of easily absorbed iron, copper and manganese.

• Cuts, burns, and deep wounds – honey’s anti-septic and soothing qualities cleanse and quickly repairs deep wounds. It accelerates new tissue growth.

• Arthritis – honey and cinnamon made into a paste, and massaged onto joints relives pain.

• Hiccups – try 1 tablespoon of Honey to stop hiccups

• Male Infertility – honey in hot milk increases sperm count considerably

• Beauty Aid – honey, ground almonds, and whole milk mixed into a paste, makes an excellent cleanser and moisturizer.

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