Ancient Aphrodisiacs

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In honor of Valentine’s Day let’s explore a few time tested aphrodisiacs.

The Vedic culture has fully celebrated love and romance for thousands of years. Hindu temples were made of intricate friezes that depict images of the Gods and Goddesses enjoying many amorous poses. These carved out scenes in stone and marble, elevate lovemaking to a divine art.

Ayurveda, also a spiritual science, recognizes the importance of aphrodisiacs in a persons overall health. In fact there is an entire section of Ayurveda called the Vajikarana Tantra, dedicated to specific tonics that not only enhance excitement, but promote Sattwa and life giving Ojas. Taking these classic herbal Rasayanas increases fertility, slows down the aging process, helps to handle stress, and actually rejuvenates our delicate Shukra Dhatu, or reproductive tissue.

Ashwagandha imparts the power of a stallion for men.
Shatavari translating as “she who posses a hundred husbands”, helps to balance hormones and increases libido in women.
Kumari (Aloe Vera gel) translates as “virgin”. This plant taken internally keeps female reproductive organs as supple as a young woman’s.
Amalaki fruit, a powerful antioxidant, restores youth and vitality as we age.
Betel nut known to induce love, enhance mood, and stimulate energy.

How else can we incorporate the vast wisdom of the ancients on our next romantic evening?

Ayurvedic Cocktails – Newlyweds in India are always served Warm Milk cooked with ingredients such as saffron, fennel seeds, almonds, ginger, and cardamom at bedtime. The nutrients in the spiced milk help the couple to sustain their passions.

Aromatherapy– Essential Oils such as Jasmine, YlangYlang, Patchouli, and Clary Sage have a direct effect on the brain’s limbic system, where amorous feelings arise. Try blending a few drops into a warm carrier oil and lovingly massage your partner, or sprinkle a few drops along with Epsom salts into a candlelit bath prepared for two. Spice up you love life, by diffusing exotic scents such as vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon into the air.

Breath & Movement – Practice controlled yogic techniques to raise Kundalini Energy, thereby elevating simple lust to a more spiritual experience.

Kama Sutra – Study up on this famous ancient treatise on love and desire. There are certain Maha-mudras or postures that may help us to dissolve into ecstatic union with our partners and ultimately with God.

Lastly, if you are a hopeless romantic like me, and find yourself very single, wanting to crawl under the covers and hide on this Valentine’s Day…don’t despair. Ayurveda suggests that you do a loving self abhyanga, infused with pure Rose essential oil, to dissolve grief and heal your broken heart. Chant prayers to Goddess Lakshmi to bless you with an abundance of love and romance. Meditate on Goddess Parvati to manifest a perfect partner and allow yourself to indulge in the best aphrodisiac of all -a rich, dark piece of organic chocolate.

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