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In Ayurveda the heart is considered the most important organ. It is the home of Atman, the eternal soul, where our consciousness resides. Located in the heart are exactly 8 drops of Ojas, which give us life and longevity. Ojas is responsible for our overall immunity, and it is what gives us the feeling of pure BLISS. An ayurvedic lifestyle will nurture and protect these precious drops of Ojas.

Heart Disease is a great concern in our high stress, modern world. It is the number one leading cause of death, for both men and women, in the United States.

Ayurveda understands the intimate link between our emotions and the physical health of our heart. Sadhaka Pitta, the life energy of the heart, governs our emotions, and helps to keep them balanced. When we become stressed, angry, depressed, frustrated, hostile, or repressed, it literally affects the functioning of the heart organ and entire circulatory system.

Whether it is the pressurized world of work, the constant need for achievement, or difficulty in relationships, we must find a way to get our emotional life in balance, before it leads to more serious Heart Disease.

Heart Healthy Habits:

1. Meditation – countless research studies have shown that it reduces risk of STRESS related diseases -hypertension, athero/arteriosclerosis, stroke, and risk of heart attack.

2. Acceptance – Accepting people and circumstances without judgment and criticism.

3. Yoga & Walking – Exercise is necessary to keep up metabolism and blood circulation. Walking in nature soothes the mind and senses.

4. Diet – Follow Ayurvedic nutrition recommendations to keep LDL Cholesterol levels down. Avoid incompatible foods, deep fried, fast foods, preservatives, caffeine, and drugs. These will lead to arterial plaque, a toxic substance know as Ama, that lines the artery walls and causes blockages to the heart.

5. Herbs – Ayurveda is world famous for its safe and highly effective herbal medicines.
Arjuna– promotes effective heart functioning, regulating cardiac rhythm and blood pressure, Guggul– lowers cholesterol,
Ashwagandha – helps adapt to stressors,
Brahmi – calms the mind and emotions

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