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Ayurveda dedicates a whole section on beauty care called Lavanya Sutra. Lavanya Sutra texts address specific beauty issues with natural remedies.

Ayurveda understands that outer beauty depends on the overall health of a person. Tejas or glow that shines forth on a persons face comes from good diet, strength of digestion, and adequate hydration. The blood must also be clear of toxins which can cause rashes and breakouts.

Beauty radiates from within. When we are happy and calm internally, that joy is reflected on the face. No beauty products or cosmetics can hide sadness and stress.

Enjoying “Beauty Sleep” keeps us looking young. Proper rest is essential in allowing the body to rejuvenate. That means getting to bed early and avoiding too many late nights.

Following a daily routine of cleansing and moisturizing will keep the skin clear and supple. Since the skin soaks up whatever is placed on it, Ayurveda only uses natural herbal powders, essential oils, and food items on the face.

Gentle herbal cleansers will clear away dirt, toxins, pollutants, and exfoliate dead cells. They can clear out clogged pores, without harshly stripping skin of natural oils. Blended chickpea flour, ground almond meal, and dry milk powder with a tiny dash of turmeric is a good basic cleanser for all skin types.

Moisturizing daily is very important to keep the elasticity of such delicate skin. The best way to moisturize is massing the face with a little sesame or almond oil that is blended with Vitamin E and a few drops of pure essential oils like lavender, rose, sandalwood, or jasmine.

Weekly masks can be helpful for a deeper cleanse or moisturization. Fresh fruit pulp (such as papaya, pineapple, cherry OR strawberries) left on the face for 3-5 minutes provide a “mini peel” with their enzymatic action. Nourishing face packs can be made with aloe vera gel, banana OR avocado pulp.

Last but not least, wearing a genuine smile, makes all of more beautiful.

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